​​GFWC Four Corners Junior Woman's Club

It's a volunteer thing

Become a Member

Once you have attended two meetings and have decided to join us, please complete the application and either mail it, along with your payment, to our address below or bring it to one of our events or meetings.  Thank you again for your interest, we look forward to welcoming you to our Club.

The annual fee for memberships is $40.00 and can be paid by check, made out to:  GFWC Four Corner's Jr. Woman's Club.

Mailing address:

GFWC Four Corners Jr. Woman's Club
8297 ChampionsGate Blvd. #235
ChampionsGate, FL 33896

General Federation of Women's Clubs, GFWC, is a local, state, national, and international federation of women's clubs.  Local GFWC clubs join approximately 4,000 women's club across the globe volunteer community service. Members of all ages live in cities, suburbs, and rural communities around the world. We are working women, stay-at-home moms, retirees and students, united by a shared commitment to volunteer community service.

Our members belong to one of GFWC's three divisions:

• General club members range in age from 18-102

• Junior club members meet the requirements for junior membership in their state

• Juniorette club, sponsored by women's or junior women's clubs, members are middle school and high school students

Members of GFWC clubs are encouraged to focus their efforts on activities that meet local needs, but take advantage of our national and international network of organizations and programs that have provided a framework for over 100 years of accomplishment. Your membership in GFWC Four Corners Jr. Woman's Club enables you to participate in our monthly luncheons and meetings, special events and gala engagements throughout the year.  But most importantly, your membership will bring you closer to members and your community and will open your heart to incredible bonding experiences.

We appreciate your interest in the GFWC Four Corners Woman's Club.  We encourage you to join our organization and welcome any individuals over the age of 18.  Annual memberships benefit not only our local organization but also the GFWC State of Florida.  Of course the best benefit of all is how it will expand your own horizons by reaching out to others through our activities and volunteer opportunities.